Videos on Insurance for business Owners, or CEO's


As you field underwrite insurance for business owners and their executives, some videos on insurance for business owners might help to start the conversation.  You will have 40 or so companies from which to specify.  Why so many?   Some insurance companies ask a lot of health questions, for example, some ask none.  Their questions will be based on their experience with a particular malady, like diabetes, for example.  Remember that the best insurance for business owners is the insurance for which they qualify. 

And, certain companies cater to a certain niche.  So, listen to your clients questions:

  • "What is term life insurance, versus whole life insurance?"  Sure.  Is this protection you wish to rent, or to own?
  • "Could you give me a long term care insurance quote?"  Certainly.  Will that be for an individual, or a group?
  • "Is there such a thing as group Medicare?"  As a matter of fact, there is such a thing.  
  • "I've heard of ICHRA's.  Would I need the health insurance marketplace for that?"  Yes, it's my wife's specialty.
  • "How much is disability insurance?"  For whom?
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Videos on Insurance for Business Owners
If you're an Adamsson Associate,
Let us know how you would like to use them in your practice.

Business Overhead Expense Coverage

If you are in a professional occupation, like a physician, attorney, engineer or accountant, and your business overhead is dependent on receivables generated by your personal services, watch this video to learn how you can cover Business Overhead Expenses during an extended period of disability.

video thumbnail boe insurance

Protect Your Professional Career Investment

If you are in a professional occupation, like a physician, attorney, engineer or accountant, and your income is dependent on highly specialized training, skills, and knowledge, watch this video to learn how you can protect the value of your professional career investment.

video thumbnail professional career protection

Get Top Dollar for Your Business with a Buyer Guarantee

If you intend to sell your business when you retire . . . watch this short video to learn how you can either get the highest value for the sale of your business, or convert the asset into a tax free income at retirement.

insurance for business buyer video thumbnail

Tax Free Retirement Business Line of Credit

If your business is profitable, but operates on a line of credit, watch this short video to learn how you can use your line of credit to fund your own tax free retirement income.

become your own banker thumbnail

Convert Business Equity into Tax Free Retirement

If you have an ownership interest in a profitable business with accounts receivable or market value in excess of $1,000,000, watch this video to learn how you can leverage your business equity into personal tax free retirement income.

insurance for business equity transfer video thumbnail

Protect Your Business Profitability & Market Value

If you own a business of any size . . . watch this short video to learn how you can protect your profitability and market value against the loss of your best people.


Business Succession Planning

If you intend to pass your business onto the next generation, and you want to minimize both the tax implications and the risk of transition, watch this short video to learn how to develop the perfect exit strategy or business succession plan.

insurance for business succession video thumbnail

Your Business Tax Strategy

If you are a business owner who doesn't like paying any more taxes than you legally need to, and you do not yet have a comprehensive "business tax strategy" - watch this short video to discover substantial tax benefits available to business owners that most tax advisors know too little about.

insurance for business tax strategy video thumbnail

Funding Your Buy/Sell Agreement

If you have at least one business partner, and you want to protect both the profitability and market value of the business, watch this video on the importance of a funded Buy/Sell agreement.

insurance for business buy sell-agreement video thumbnail

Discriminatory Executive Retirement Plan

If you want to recruit, reward or retain your top people, watch this short video to learn why deferred compensation plans are so popular.

insurance for business derp

Executive Bonus Retirement Plan

Are you an owner or executive with any size company? Watch this short video to learn about Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code, and how to use tax deductible corporate dollars to fund a legally discriminatory and exclusive retirement plan for specific people in your company (including yourself) that can provide tax free income at retirement.

insurance for business executive bonus retirement plan video thumbnail

How to Finance the Cost of Life Insurance

If your financial plan or objective requires the purchase of a large amount of life insurance, but your cash flow is currently funding other investments, watch this short video to learn how you can finance the cost of that insurance with little or no cash outlay.

insurance for business financing

Business Protection: Key Person Insurance

If you are a business owner and your profitability is dependent on the special skills, experience, talent or connections of a vitally important employee in your company (including yourself), you need to watch this short, but informative video to learn how you can protect your business from the loss of anyone so vital to the success of your business.

business insurance for key person video thumbnail

Executive Salary Continuation Guarantee

If you are managing a team of corporate executives, and you want a tax advantaged supplemental compensation plan to enhance their financial security, watch this short video to learn about a three way plan to guarantee their salary continuation.

insurance for business executive security video thumbnail

An open letter to New Business Owners
for Adamsson Associates to use
Feel free to Copy and customize, as needed

Hello there, young entrepreneur!

I'm thrilled to pass on nuggets of wisdom that I trust will serve you well.  I'm not done learning, either, by the way.  So, strap in for a lively journey through the essentials of insurance for business owners, that crucial safety scaffolding that will help you build a business with as much love and success as I have . . . maybe more.

First off, let's chat about the kind of insurance you'll need, just to start the transition.

If you're drafting an agreement to buy a business, consider obtaining transaction liability insurance. This includes tax opinion insurance, and representations, and warranties insurance which help mitigate risks associated with unexpected legal and financial issues that might pop up in the documentation, or in the actual operations as reported.

Trust me, it’s better to have insurance for business and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Moving forward, let's ensure the heart and soul of the business feels secure and valued.  This is where a comprehensive employee benefits package comes into play. This isn't just a strategy, it's an investment in the people who make your dream work.  Include insurance for life, disability, health, and especially long term care.

These benefits show that you care for their wellbeing, and future.  Especially that last one--long term care, and not just for your employee, but for their family member's, as well.  Why lose productive people who have to stay home with a loved one experiencing an extended care event, when that loved one could afford skilled nursing, thanks to you.

Ah, and don’t forget the deferred compensation plan! (Part of our RestEquity Portfolio.)  It’s a fantastic tool to incentivize key employees. It allows them to defer a portion of their salary to be paid out at a later date, making it a valuable tool for tax planning and retirement savings. This can keep top talent with you, looking for lifetime income.  

SIDEBAR:  A bright feather in your managerial hat would be introducing a change management planner. Transition phases can be turbulent, and having a structured approach to manage changes in processes, culture, and staff alignment will smoothen your sail.  It shows you’re not just in charge, but it also shows that you truly care.

Business interruption insurance for business owners-another key part of your change management plan- becomes your safety net if an unexpected event causes your operation to screech to a halt. This coverage helps replace lost income and pay for extra expenses while you’re getting back on your feet.  It's also referred to as business overhead expense protection.

As you aim to expand your horizons and perhaps introduce new products or enter new markets, consider product liability insurance or professional liability insurance. This shields you against claims of product failure or service mishaps that could otherwise financially drain your budding empire.

So, let's discuss directors and officers insurance, my friend. This type protects you and your leadership team from claims which might arise from decisions and actions taken within the scope of your official duties. This coverage is particularly important in today’s litigious environment and is often referred to as errors and omissions insurance.

Don’t overlook cybersecurity insurance, especially in this digital age. Protecting your business from cyber threats and data breaches is not just smart; it’s imperative. Customize this shield well, and it’ll save you many sleepless nights.

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How are you holding up, champ?

I hope you're finding this enlightening and not overwhelming. I remember when I first started, how much I would have appreciated having this kind of roadmap. But not to worry, I'm right here guiding you through this. Let's keep going!

Remember that insurance for business owners can vary significantly depending on the specific characteristics of the business you're either starting, or acquiring. It’s prudent to sit down with an insurance advisor to tailor your coverage options according to your business’ unique risks and needs.

Also, as you grow and add more employees, or expand in physical size or operational scope, your insurance needs will evolve. Review and adjust your policies annually. It's like giving your business a health check-up but for its risk management and protection gears.

Speaking of risk, let’s not forget about workers’ compensation insurance. It’s not just a legal requirement in many places but also a fundamental form of respect and care for the people who work for you. Accidents can happen, and this insurance shows your team that their safety is a priority.

Alright, almost home! By now, you’ve got a sturdy grasp on protecting your soon-to-be new business. Remember, though, the realm of insurance for business owners is vast and rife with subtleties, each choice you make in selecting or forsaking a specific type of insurance could have significant implications.

Embrace these responsibilities with joy and seriousness. They are not just tasks; they're part of crafting a legacy, your legacy.  How exciting is that!  Sure, negative risks are threats and need to be avoided, but aren't the positive risks what we call opportunity? Here’s to your success in accentuating those opportunities, my dear entrepreneur. 

In closing, keep this dialogue open, not just with me, but with your advisors, your employees, and most importantly, with yourself.  Question, reflect, and celebrate. You’re on a path filled with challenges and triumphs. Welcome each with open arms and a prepared mind.  Here's to protecting what you can, and preparing for what you can't.

Cheers to your future, brimming with potential, and bright horizons!

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Top 5 Videos on Insurance for Business Owners

As a lead generator for you, Adamsson Associate, we like to package quick little 5-video offers on our essentials:

Retirement Income

Estate Plan Documents

Solutions for an  Extended Care Event

Teaching Financial Literacy to the Next Generation

5 videos on insurance for business owners will probably seem more do-able than 14.  Let's face it, videos on insurance for business owners sounds boring, and besides, they're business owners, after all.  They are busy.

The Rest Of Our Retire Early More Often Story

Looking for a sabbatical lifestyle?  You might consider becoming an Adamsson Associate for the support and encouragement you and yours are going to need.  It can be hard living counter-culturally.  On top of that, we don't have all the answers, even after 3 complete business cycles. 

Every sabbatical year has been unique.  Every six-year business cycle has been imperfect.  Despite that, we don't beat ourselves up when we fail.  We choose to approach this all as a gift, and with a sense of humor, instead.  Recreationally, really.  Why?  Well . . . isn't that our purpose?  To re-create?

"I'm gonna figure this sabbatical-thing out, even if it kills me."  Look, rather than die trying, might we suggest living, instead?  The last thing we want to be is heavy-handed.  A formulaic approach seems antithetical, untenable.  It simply won't lead to the sustainable, generational transformation that we, and our clients, desire.

We're simply pointing out that if you start early enough, you could get seven tries to retire early more often.  Maybe eight.  Seven or eight tries-- a retirement, every seventh year.   But, only for a year . . . and, only if you want to.  One way, (if you want to,) would be to join us in delivering

our RestEquity portfolio of financial services:

R isk Management
E xecutive Compensation/Employee Benefits
S afe Money Places for Lifetime Income, Longterm Care, and Legacy Planning
T rust Funding for Special Needs, Charitable Giving, and Completely Private Bequests w/o Probate

Or, perhaps you're in another industry simply looking to limit threats, leverage opportunities, and leave a legacy of living sabbatically for your next generation.  So that they, also, can limit their threats, leverage their opportunities, and leave their legacy of living sabbatically for their next  generation.

So that . . .

Whether you dream of becoming an Adamsson Associate, or simply working with one, Download our Financial Picture form, as a first step.  Fill it out completely, save it to your system, then return it securely using our encrypted document transfer.  Or, don't.

Providing this document is  not necessary to get on our schedule, of course, but it certainly will help us make the best use of our time when we get our first chance to chat.

Customer satisfaction: just might be the best insurance for business money can't buy.

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