"Planning is the insurance money cannot buy."
J L Adamsson

Leaving People and their Places In Good Order

Change Management, Since 1998

As a nationally-certified project management office, Adamsson Associates coordinates age-in-place and end-of-life planning for businesses, families, and individuals.

We have been leaving people and their places in good order, since 1998. That is when we left a very good and reputable home improvement company to start our own.  

Our goals were to move from employment to entrepreneurship, teach our boys the value of hard work, 
as well as the value of sabbatical rest, and to grow

the company referral-only.  Except for a few classifieds in the local paper for starters, our advertising budget remains at zero.  It's how we find our best clients!

nearly 2700 customers later . . .

We are now meeting the children of the children of some of our very first customers.  And we love that.  We, ourselves, have raised four boys in our family business.  Like our very first customers, we still live in the house we always have.

We love our neighbors, as well as our little house with the big yard.  Any time we bring up selling it and moving, at least one son, or two raises a strong objection. 

So, when we return to one of our very first home improvement projects from the late 1900's
and meet the next two generations, (who just happen to be home,) we feel right at home, as well.  

We are so grateful for your Referrals

While this is a company website designed to support Adamsson Associates, our fellow agents, it is not a backroom that our clients and the general public cannot see, mostly.  So, a note to our existing clients:

You have helped us raise four boys.  A few of you have even helped us through tragedy.  How can we serve you in these later years, and I do mean for the REST of your life? 

Obviously, the Adamssons are aging in place, as well, so we have a pretty good idea of how we might be of assistance.  Let's start with the obvious. . . renovations for the home you love and want to keep,  But also:

  • R isk Management
  • E mployer/Employee Benefits
  • S afe Money Places for Lifetime Income, Longterm Care, and Legacy Planning
  • T rust Funding for Special Needs Provisions, Charitable Giving, and Private Bequests w/o Probate

The Rest Of Our Retire Early More Often Story

Looking for a sabbatical lifestyle?  You might consider becoming an Adamsson Associate for the support and encouragement you and yours are going to need.  It can be hard living counter-culturally.  On top of that, we don't have all the answers, even after 3 complete business cycles. 

Every sabbatical year has been unique.  Every six-year business cycle has been imperfect.  Despite that, we don't beat ourselves up when we fail.  We choose to approach this all as a gift, and with a sense of humor, instead.  Recreationally, really.  Why?  Well . . . isn't that our purpose?  To re-create?

"I'm gonna figure this sabbatical-thing out, even if it kills me."  Look, rather than die trying, might we suggest living, instead?  The last thing we want to be is heavy-handed.  A formulaic approach seems antithetical, untenable.  It simply won't lead to the sustainable, generational transformation that we, and our clients, desire.

We're simply pointing out that if you start early enough, you could get seven tries to retire early more often.  Maybe eight.  Seven or eight tries-- a retirement, every seventh year.   But, only for a year . . . and, only if you want to.  One way, (if you want to,) would be to join us in delivering

our RestEquity portfolio of financial services:

R isk Management
E xecutive Compensation/Employee Benefits
S afe Money Places for Lifetime Income, Longterm Care, and Legacy Planning
T rust Funding for Special Needs, Charitable Giving, and Completely Private Bequests w/o Probate

Or, perhaps you're in another industry simply looking to limit threats, leverage opportunities, and leave a legacy of living sabbatically for your next generation.  So that they, also, can limit their threats, leverage their opportunities, and leave their legacy of living sabbatically for their next  generation.

So that . . .

Whether you dream of becoming an Adamsson Associate, or simply working with one, Download our Financial Picture form, as a first step.  Fill it out completely, save it to your system, then return it securely using our encrypted document transfer.  Or, don't.

Providing this document is  not necessary to get on our schedule, of course, but it certainly will help us make the best use of our time when we get our first chance to chat.

Customer satisfaction: just might be the best insurance for business money can't buy.

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