"Planning is the insurance money cannot buy."
J L Adamsson

Please watch this video
before shopping for a short term medical plan

Click the Orange Shop for Health Insurance Coverage banner below when ready to get a quote.  You can even apply for protection, if you see something that works.

If you have any questions, (and you should,) use the chat feature on this page, or here is where you would go to schedule a phone call. 

We for sure want you to be clear on the terminology:

deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, as well as how being in network or out of network affects the cost of your care.  Review the videos, as needed, for your education.

Customer satisfaction: just might be the best insurance for business money can't buy.

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    Jun 21, 24 04:52 PM

    This long term care calculator will help you determine the cost of long term care in your area. It then helps you compare long term care insurance policies by how many dollars of coverage you get for…

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